Sporple FAQs

What is Sporple?
Sporple is a global recruitment platform focused on changing the landscape for how talent is discovered, recruited and signed. Think of us like as the Rolodex for athletes. With us, you can search and connect with players, clubs or agents from around the world. It’s time you take control of your sport.

How does it work?
Athletes, clubs and agents start by creating a profile right on Sporple’s homepage. These profiles are then searchable by anyone on the planet.

Athletes can view the open position listings and game schedules of clubs both local and abroad. Agents and clubs are able to scroll through and search thousands of profiles, engage the best players and offer opportunities to players that will strengthen their squad. It’s like the world’s biggest sports rolodex.

Where do I sign up?
Signing up is easy. Create your free account right on the Sporple homepage. All you need to provide is your name and email. Pretty simple, huh?

How much does it cost?
Currently Sporple is Free for EVERYONE!

As the community grows, we will be implementing a membership that will be built to suit your individual recruitment needs. Don’t worry, we won’t be signing you to any lifetime deals. Sporple is about breaking down the barriers to recruitment, not creating new digital ones!

Who’s on it?
You have access to the next generation of undiscovered athletes from age 13 and older because just like Cristiano Ronaldo, the best players always start early! Plus, we’re big fans of getting the best of the best, so players can come from anywhere. South Africa, the Pacific Islands, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom; you name it, we got it!

Is it mobile-friendly?
Of course! Do you go anywhere without your phone nowadays? Sporple is easily accessible on the go; just type Sporple.com into Safari on your iPhone.

What is the search functionality like?
The Andrew Bogut’s of the world aren’t exactly easy to recruit, but with Sporple, the search is a slam dunk. Maybe you need a confident 7’0″, 260-pound center playing in Australia? Go ahead and type it in.

Clubs and agents can search by several different filters such as position, age, nationality, visa, height, weight, footage, career timeline, career references and agents to ensure they get the results they’re looking for.

Does Sporple sign players?
Sporple is not an agency so we don’t represent players or clubs; instead, we want to showcase really great agents! Plus, we’re very busy working on version 2.0 and building a better experience everyday so we let the clubs and agents do what they do best.

Can Sporple profiles be shared?
Yes, we know you’re always on Twitter and Facebook so we’ve made sure you can share your favorite players’ profiles with just a click of an icon!

Maybe grandma doesn’t have a Facebook account but wants to know who you’re working with next? Just copy a player’s profile URL and shoot her an email to show her exactly who she’ll be seeing on the club’s Christmas card this year.

How does Sporple promote advanced listings?
We push our listings to a full-court press. That’s why we promote listings to our community of over 17,000 Facebook users and 1M+ users across Twitter via social media posts. For example, over 2,500 Facebook users showed interest in Sporple’s listing for the Blackwood Stars R.F.C. in the UK.

We also promote through internal emails to existing Sporple profiles because we know how to keep it old school.

What about visa issues?
We encourage players to be transparent about their visa status. Each country has it’s own regulations and it’s important for clubs, players and agents to understand these.
A P1 visa (US) or Tier 2 visa (UK) is required for an athlete to participate in other countries. Read here for more information on the P1 visa and here for Tier 2 info.
And you won’t be picked last to play if you don’t have one. Agents and clubs can work with athletes to secure a visa.